Halloween Haul 2018

Monday, 15 October 2018

Halloween Haul 2018 A Natural Detour

With Halloween just around the corner I thought I would carry on last year's tradition and share some of my 2018 spook-themed purchases. As usual all of the items pictured were picked up from Homesense and TK Maxx who always have the most amazing selection of Halloween goodies on the high street. I love that they stock homeware pieces that I know I'll use year-round rather than packing away for eleven months at a time so of course I jumped at another opportunity to stock up!

Kicking off this year's purchases were the large pasta style bowls adorned with an array of Halloween-related symbols including pumpkins, bats, ghosts and more. I didn't buy these at first but instantly regretted my decision and went back for them later that day. I couldn't choose between the orange and the black, so I came home with one of each - a theme that you'll see continues through other items in this haul. I've been using these pretty much daily so be prepared for them to make a starring appearance in my next Cooking Lately post!

This year I finally invested in some Rae Dunn pieces with these beautiful cereal bowls, mugs and side plates. I fell in love with her illustrated designs after seeing them online over the last couple of years but I'd not been able to get my hands on any until recently. I picked up two of the cereal bowls (witch and pumpkin themed) plus the matching side plates and have been using the bowls for my breakfast every morning since.

The witch-themed mugs, also by Rae Dunn, are another welcome addition to my daily routine as I've been using the 'Hocus Pocus' one in place of my usual water mug at home. They're much sturdier than the delicate bone china ones I picked up in 2017 which have been downgraded from daily use to decor only since I managed to crack my favourite one of them late last year. At work, I've swapped my trusty tropical-themed bamboo cup for this taller Halloween-themed one that my mum found on a trip to TK Maxx. I've already had a few comments from colleagues on how festive it is, but I'll likely keep using it all year round.

Halloween Haul 2018 A Natural Detour

Stepping away from the tableware aisle (a difficult thing for me to do despite the fact I don't even own my own kitchen or dining table) I also found myself taking home not one but two Halloween-themed spatulas - something I never even imagined would exist! Silicone spatulas are a definite essential when it comes to baking so I'm sure these will get lots of use too (sorry trusty IKEA favourites!).

Another item I saw and didn't buy but went back for later was the felted pumpkin (pictured above) who is currently living on my desk at work! It may be less "useful" than the other items but it's just so cute I couldn't resist.

Since taking the photographs for this post I've also picked up a witch-themed ceramic spoon rest (another TK Maxx find I didn't buy but went back for) and placed orders for this amazing bat enamel pin I'd had my eye on for a while, as well as a selection of different Halloween-themed nail decals which I'm hoping will work okay with my non-toxic nail polishes - I'll report back on this once they arrive!

Have you made any Halloween purchases this year?

Halloween Haul 2018 A Natural Detour


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