August In Books

Monday, 3 September 2018

The Immortalists Chloe Benjamin

August's Stats: 1 Penguin Modern Classic, 2 short story collections, 4 four-star reads, 5 library books, 7 books in total

Books Read
  • Make More Noise!, Emma Carroll
  • The Immortalists, Chloe Benjamin
  • No More Plastic, Martin Dorey
  • America For Beginners, Leah Franqui
  • The Real-Town Murders, Adam Roberts 
  • Strangers On A Train, Patricia Highsmith
  • The Missing Girl, Shirley Jackson

Bookish Posts Shared

August's Reading Goal Progress

Whilst I had a good reading month overall I didn't manage to make much progress with any reading goals, simply crossing one more prompt off of the Popsugar list. At this point in the year I've read a lot more books than I had expected to back in January, but I haven't made much progress with my BB books I vow to read list (I've read two of five) nor my Kindle challenge and I'm sure the final few months of the year are likely to fly by just as most of 2018 seems to have! I'm hoping I'll be able to make some progress on these challenges in September but I think my Kindle catch up plan is going to be rolling over into 2019.

August's Purchases

Remember last month when I said that I hadn't made it through a whole month yet this year without buying a book... And how maybe August would be the month? Well, that theory was disproven just two days in when I picked up a Kindle copy (reduced to 99p) of All These Beautiful Strangers by Elizabeth Klehfoth. I followed this up by finally using a Waterstones voucher I'd been carrying around for the past year (so technically the three paperbacks I acquired didn't cost me anything...), plus a secondhand copy of our September #bookshelfbookclub pick The White Book (Han Kang) and a couple of titles to top up an Amazon order to the free postage threshold. One way or another I think I actually acquired more books in August than I have during any other month this year.

August's Book Of The Month

August turned out to be pretty heavy on the library books but definitely in a good way as two of them are up there fighting for the BOTM title, alongside The Missing Girl. All in all I had a better reading experience with The Immortalists than America For Beginners, purely because my reading time was more consistent as I picked it up at a point where work wasn't quite so busy. By the time I got around to reading America For Beginners there were at least a couple of days where I didn't find any time to read at all, but I still thoroughly enjoyed this debut novel. As much as I wanted to pick out just one BOTM each month throughout 2018 so I would have a list of twelve great titles to share at the end of the year I just can't choose a favourite from these three at the moment!


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