Little Detours #9

Monday, 11 June 2018

All The Sweet Treats | This past month or so has been a good one for free from sweet treats. Last weekend I took a trip to visit my bestie in Greenwich and finally got to head to the market to try a donut from Ruby's which I can report was absolutely delicious (as you may have seen over on the gram!).

Whilst cookies are usually my go-to home-baked treat, lately I've branched out with a baked blueberry cheesecake and a chocolate orange cake; both gluten free and vegan... and very tasty! More on these in the next Cooking Lately which will be published here next Monday.

The Last Highways | Okay, okay you caught me... I did just sneak in a Nashville reference into another edition of this series, but hear me out. Lately I've really been enjoying listening to songs from The Last Highways, a band formed by Will, Gunnar, Avery and Alannah in the first half of the show's sixth season. I really love their style of music and how having four voices adds layers to the songs, in particular on Love Is Loud. Even now when I listen to this I occasionally still notice a little something here and there that I'd missed before! I'm hoping for a few more catchy Last Highways tunes to add to my collection before the show wraps up for good later this year.

Bluebell Is My Happy Place | Whilst we're on the subject of TV, I thought I would finish up this month's edition of LD with a quick TV update. As it's that time of year when lots of shows are wrapping up for the summer I've turned to another rewatch with one of my all time favourites; Hart Of Dixie. Side note: if you followed my old blog you may remember my Character Style series that was inspired by Rachel Bilson's character on the show - even seven years later her wardrobe is undoubtedly still one of the best on TV. It's been a little while since I last watched any episodes of Dixie so I thought it was long overdue and have been really enjoying revisiting the town of Bluebell, which always feels like home.

The other TV shout out I wanted to include this time around is the final episode of Episodes which aired on TV here in the UK a month or so ago (the whole fifth season has since been added to Netflix too). The final scene was exactly what I had predicted it would be, but most definitely in a good way as it was the perfect ending to this brilliant comedy series. I'm sure it won't be long before I'm rewatching it all the way through all over again on Netflix but not until I've binged those new Queer Eye episodes that are dropping this Friday; I. Can't. Wait.

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  1. Need to try me one of those doughnuts and also new Queer Eye?! What?! I didn't know this was happening I'm so exciteeee ✨Marbl☾☽Moon

  2. That's such a beautiful photo! And that baked blueberry cheesecake sounds amazing!!

    Thanks for linking to my post (:


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