Little Detours #8

Monday, 23 April 2018

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Escapes | Whilst most of my friends have spring and summer birthdays where we usually get together for an outdoor activity (think: boating, cycling, barbeques on the beach...), every year I struggle to come up with something fun to do to celebrate my February birthday.

Escape rooms were something I'd been keen to try for a while, so this year I gathered up four of my favourite people and headed to a local prison-themed room. I was a little worried it would turn out that I'd dragged everyone along to something they wouldn't enjoy but it was a big hit even though we didn't quite manage to escape within the 60 minute limit. We've already booked in to try a different one for another birthday later this month - hopefully this time we'll manage to escape!

Back To Binge-Watching | Belated birthday celebrations also meant belated birthday presents and thanks to my awesome friends I now have a shiny new dvd player to replace the one that broke back at the beginning of February. They very kindly also gifted me season four of Prison Break, so my rewatch loop is back underway, plus I have lots of bonus features to catch up on too - I've already learnt some interesting facts about Sona this month!

Moving over to Netflix there are a couple of shows I wanted to include in this month's LD. When the second season of Santa Clarita Diet - a Netflix original that made it into my favourites list for 2017 - dropped in late March I of course raced through it in a couple of days and it certainly didn't disappoint. If you haven't seen it yet the show is a comedy with an undead twist, following married real estate agents Sheila (Drew Barrymore) and Joel (Timothy Olyphant) as they try to come to terms with Sheila's new found taste for human flesh.

The second show I have to mention is Bates Motel since Netflix made my week by finally adding the final season to their catalogue. I've been a big fan of this show - a contemporary prequel to the movie Psycho - since the beginning and the final season definitely lived up to expectations. So. Good.

Whilst I can definitely see how these shows aren't for everyone, if you do enjoy something a little darker I would highly recommend adding both of them to your watch lists!

Beeswax Wraps | As much as I love my Blue Water Bento Splash Box I don't always want (or need) to carry it around, so recently I decided to try out beeswax wraps as an alternative. My mum actually picked up a colourful pack from Dorset Delights and so far they've been a successful addition to our kitchen, being used for packed lunches, covering bowls and wrapping veggies in the fridge. We've even had a go at making some of our own! Whilst I think we have enough for now, I'm also interested in trying some of the vegan alternatives that are available too - if you have any recommendations I'd love to hear them.

Live Music | You didn't really think I was going to let this edition of LD pass without mentioning the Nashville Farewell Tour did you? On Saturday Ria and I (along with 10,000+ other people) headed to the O2 arena to watch five of Nashville's very talented cast members - Charles Esten, Clare Bowen, Chris Carmack, Sam Palladio and Jonathan Jackson (who play Deacon, Scarlett, Will, Gunnar and Avery) - play a mix of their own music and popular songs from the TV show. I've been a huge fan of Nashville and its soundtracks since season one so it was awesome to finally get to hear some of the songs live!

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