Little Detours #7

Monday, 12 March 2018

Offline | Since my last Little Detours post I turned 29 and have started a new full time job! I'm attempting to keep on top of my new blogging schedule as well as all things BB so I'm hoping things won't temporarily get a little quieter around here whilst I settle into a new routine.

The Return Of TV Talk | Whilst I still haven't managed to find my next big binge watch (send your suggestions my way please!) I'm finally up to date on Legends Of Tomorrow - absolutely no prizes for guessing how I landed on that one - and am very much looking forward to new seasons of Santa Clarita Diet and Episodes later this month.

I'm also kind of a sucker for any form of makeover show so very much enjoyed a mini binge of Netflix's Queer Eye reboot... followed by a rewatch of Netflix's Queer Eye reboot. Honestly, by the time you see this post I'll probably have watched it all over again. Have you seen it yet?

Getting Crafty! | Speaking of makeovers, I've recently started work on turning our box room into a study... aka somewhere to house a desk and some of my poor books that have been living in boxes for months! I've already sanded down the floor and painted a couple of base coats on the walls but I also have a few DIY projects planned to furnish the room and I'm hoping to share updates on those as I go.

As well as DIY projects at home I'm also keen to get back into creating DIY and craft content to share online as it's something I've missed since leaving behind my old blog and the discontinuation of #beadhaul. Hopefully once I'm finished with the box room I'll have a proper workspace perfect for creating some craft tutorials to share here. I'd love to focus on upcycling and on-a-budget projects but if there's anything you would like to see a tutorial for please let me know!

Sunrise | I can't stand waking up to a noisy alarm clock so I recently picked up a basic model Lumie Bodyclock to help me ease into my new weekday routine. So far I've really enjoyed using it as an alarm, as well as a reading and wind-down light in the evenings. The only complaint I have is that in order to make space for the Lumie I've had to find a new spot for my beloved salt lamp.

Book Club | It was my turn to choose what the BB book club would be reading this month and I selected Liam Brown's Broadcast (which I also talked about in my February reading roundup).

The book follows vlogger David who is offered the opportunity to star in a brand new online show where his every thought will be live-streamed to the world. The subjects of vlogging, social media and living our lives online are explored and I found it to be an interesting read - I even compiled and shared a list of links inspired by the topics in the book!

There's still a couple of weeks left before we move on to April's pick so if you would like to join in you can buy a copy of the novel over on The Book Depository and be sure to share your feedback with us.

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  1. Happy birthday!! And congrats on the new job! Very exciting news! :D
    Looking forward to those future craft tutorials!

    1. Thank you! Hopefully I'll be able to get started on some tutorials soon


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