Little Detours #6

Monday, 12 February 2018

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A Schedule? | Last month I decided that I'd like to try and post here at least once a week throughout the rest of the year and as you may have noticed it's been going pretty well so far - 10 points to Ravenclaw! Last year I really struggled with writing and only managed to squeeze in thirty-five posts here in total, ten of which were in January alone, so I think weekly posts are a manageable goal. Going forward you can expect to find a brand new shiny post here every Monday, with a few extras thrown in along the way!

Bonus Features | I haven't yet found my next big binge-watch but a few recent boxset purchases have reignited my love of DVD bonus features and episode audio commentaries. I'm a sucker for all things "behind-the-scenes magic", from learning about props and set design to lighting, camera work, the writer's room and casting. Sadly this rediscovery has been pretty short-lived as my DVD player actually decided to give up on life last week. So, I'm currently back to rewatching The Good Place on a loop until I get a new one...

90's Throwback | Although season six hasn't started in the UK yet, this Nashville clip which previews an *NSYNC cover made me smile. I'm looking forward to seeing how the final season will wrap up!

#shinyhappybloggers | This Instagram hashtag was recently created by Jemma over at Dorkface as a place for bloggers to share their latest posts and interact with the community, helping others to hit their Insta-goals or simply finding new blogs to read. Over the past few weeks I've been trying to scroll through the hashtag when I have a few minutes, liking up lots of fellow bloggers photos and have also discovered some new accounts to follow and blogs to read.

Coconut + Cocoa | One of my favourite recent discoveries is Marks & Spencer's new dairy-free coconut and cocoa milkshake style drink. It's reminiscent of the delicious Rebel Kitchen ones you can find in some of the other supermarkets and is too good to resist! 

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