Free From Favourites #2

Monday, 26 February 2018

free from gluten vegan dairy anaturaldetour Pip and Nut Peanut Butter (Sugar Free)

Despite the fact that I have a bit of a rocky relationship with peanuts, (they showed up on my food intolerance tests many years ago and I still go through periods where I can't eat them) when I can indulge in peanut butter my brand of choice is definitely Pip & Nut. Containing just peanuts and a little sea salt this sugar free peanut butter is my top pick for a healthier alternative to the brands I grew up with. Peanut butter aside, I wasn't a huge nut butter fan before trying out this brand but I actually also really enjoy Pip & Nut's almond and cashew versions as alternatives when I can't eat peanuts.

Asda Free From Seeded Rolls (Vegan, Gluten Free)

Until recently I hadn't really found any free from rolls that I loved. Whilst I do enjoy Schär's ciabattas and baguettes (particularly for making garlic bread) these Asda own brand rolls are my top choice for lunches and burger buns! Unlike a lot of gluten free bread products they are super soft and don't contain eggs so they're suitable for a vegan diet too. As a little bonus they're also cheaper than the big brand name options, the only problem is that my local Asda doesn't always have them in stock!

Quorn Fishless Fingers (Vegan)

I never really thought about fish finger alternatives until Quorn released these as part of their vegan range but now they're a pretty permanent fixture in my freezer. They're great for a quick and easy meal and make a mean 'fish finger' sandwich!

DSC08175 (1)

BFree Pizza Bases (Vegan, Gluten Free, Soy Free)

The last six years have taught me that restaurants-aside it can be really difficult to find a great tasting gluten free pizza base. Before they disappeared from the shelves completely I used to favour Sainsbury's own and although I have tried a few other brands I hadn't found one I really loved until earlier this year. BFree, whose other products are stocked in many supermarkets, have recently released their very own pizza bases and they're pretty much a free from dream. With no wheat, gluten, dairy, soy, eggs or nuts they're perfect for a wide variety of diets and best of all they taste pretty amazing!

Follow Your Heart Vegenaise (Vegan, Gluten Free)

Also pictured above (and amazing for dipping said pizza in) is Follow Your Heart's popular vegan mayonnaise alternative. I have to be honest, I never really ate much mayonnaise before a few months ago and was one of those people who disliked finding it in practically every pre-packaged sandwich. Weirdly, I've fallen in love with this mayonnaise substitute, which to me tastes very much like the real thing! I guess it's another one to add to the growing list of foods I now eat but didn't before switching to a mostly plant-based diet. As mentioned in a recent edition of Cooking Lately it makes a mean vegan coleslaw too!


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