Little Detours #5

Friday, 5 January 2018

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Reading Goals | Whilst I'm not really one to celebrate the new year and don't usually opt to set any goals other than bookish ones, I'm feeling refreshed an optimistic about the reading year ahead. Over on Blogger's Bookshelf we have finally launched our newsletter and online book club so I'll be aiming to keep up with these over the next twelve months in addition to our annual 'books we vow to read' challenge. As usual I've set what I think is a pretty manageable Goodreads goal of 50 books and this year I've also set myself another small goal; to cross some sequels off of my never-ending TBR list. I'll be talking more about the four books I've selected and why I've chosen them over on BB later this month but am also considering introducing some bookish content here this year too... if this is something you would like to see let me know!

Far From The Tree | Speaking of books, I finished this YA Contemporary from Emmy & Oliver author Robin Benway on New Year's Day and it's definitely already a contender for my top reads of 2018! The novel tells the story of three siblings who meet for the first time having grown up separately and follows their journey as they learn more about each other and themselves. I'm hoping to share a full review over on BB when I can manage to form all of my notes into something that actually makes sense. Why is it that the best reads are always the most difficult to review?

221B Baker Street | We didn't really do Christmas gifts in my family this year but my dad did pick me up this awesome Sherlock Holmes inspired board game. The game has some serious Cluedo vibes (my favourite!) as you travel around the board visiting different locations in order to solve the mystery. Instead of making guesses as you go, you collect clues and piece together the information to find the solution to each case. If you enjoy a good board game I'd highly recommend it!

Friends On Netflix | I don't have much in the way of TV talk for you this time around as I've still been on a Prison Break kick, however I have also been enjoying the addition of Friends to Netflix much more than I expected to! I have to confess I'm one of those people who has owned the DVD boxset for the last decade but still felt the need to NYD binge. Although I've seen all of the episodes many times over the years I've actually never watched the DVD boxset all the way through in order and Netflix is making it so much easier than those darn double-sided discs!


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