Animal Charm - The Final #paperhaul Collection

Friday, 12 January 2018

Just before Christmas subscribers of #paperhaul and the revamped Hello Paper Lover were told that the subscriptions are set to be discontinued, so sadly this is the very last #paperhaul post I'll be sharing! I've been a subscriber since day one when I reviewed the travel-themed collection over on Eight & Sixteen back in 2014, so it feels strange to say farewell to the bundle of pretty paper goods that has popped through my letterbox every month for the past three years.

Disclaimer: I purchased this box using the #paperhaul blogger discount

Whilst it's sad to see the quirky paper subscription box go, I'm really pleased with the final collection. With a cute animal theme, featuring bunnies, birds, bears, raccoons and foxes the monochrome designs are bold and contrast the previous month's colourful florals.

Included in the box were two postcards, two greetings cards, three notecards, and a notepad, perfect for making those new year to-do lists. I particularly loved the greetings card with the wording 'Weirdos Stick Together' and the set of notecards, including a bunny and a very cute 'Peekaboo' design.

Although the paper goods subscription has been discontinued the company's owner Claire has announced she will be focusing on the original Crafty Creatives subscription box. You can find out more about this box over on the Crafty Creatives website & social media.


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