My Top 4 Netflix Binge-Watches Of 2017

Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Over the past twelve months I’ve watched and re-watched countless shows on Netflix (let's not even talk about all the shows I've watched on Now TV!). From originals 13 Reasons Why and American Vandal, to childhood classics Full House and The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air and reality shows like Shark Tank and Project Runway. I was glued to the finales of old favourites Orphan Black and Pretty Little Liars and enjoyed catching the latest seasons of Bates Motel and Fuller House.

Whilst I couldn't quite narrow down my overall favourites, for today's post I thought I would share some of my top Netflix binge-watches of the year, looking specifically at shows that were new to me in 2017. To pen this list I reviewed my Netflix history (not always hugely reliable, by the way) and these are the four shows that made the cut...

Prison Break

To kick off the list I have to include my most recent binge, current obsession and the inspiration for this list; Prison Break. Originally airing back in 2005 and revived for a fifth season earlier this year the show tells the story of two brothers, Lincoln (Dominic Purcell) who has been imprisoned and sentenced to death for a crime he did not commit and Michael (Wentworth Miller) who develops an elaborate plan to get himself thrown into jail and break them both free.

Whilst I’d heard so many rave reviews, Prison Break had somehow managed to remain sitting comfortably on my ‘to-watch’ list until a few months ago. As I mentioned in my last Little Detours post, I’ve been watching this one alongside one of my friends and we’ve both been loving the high-stakes drama and cast of complex characters.

The Good Place

The Good Place introduces us to Eleanor Shellstrop (Kristen Bell) a not-so-great person who winds up in the ‘Good Place’, a picture-perfect afterlife. Realising that she definitely doesn’t belong, Eleanor decides it's time to change her ways. With a little help from her Good Place soulmate, ethics professor Chidi (William Jackson Harper), Eleanor sets out to become a better person worthy of her new home.

Aside from the unique concept and the incredible season one finale twist, one of my favourite things about this show is the cast of lovable characters (if I had to pick a favourite it would be Janet!). Following how the first season ended I was unsure about how the story would progress but so far I’ve really enjoyed season two and am looking forward to the new episodes set to air in March.

Santa Clarita Diet

Despite the impression given by it’s title Santa Clarita diet is a comedy with a undead twist, following married real estate agents Sheila (Drew Barrymore) and Joel (Timothy Olyphant) as they try to comes to terms with Sheila’s new found taste for human flesh.

Of all the (created by and for) Netflix Originals I’ve watched Santa Clarita Diet is hands down my favourite, although the gore might not be to everyone's taste! With just ten episodes it's a pretty easy binge which manages to be funny, heartwarming and at times a little disgusting... A second season is set to hit Netflix next year!


Sticking with the fake blood theme but turning to something a little darker, my fourth and final pick is eight-episode horror Slasher. In the first series we meet Sarah (Katie McGrath) who decides to move her and her husband back to the house where her parents were murdered on a Halloween night years ago. Following her return to town a series of copycat murderers take place committed by a mysterious hooded figure named The Executioner. With the help of her parent's killer, Sarah sets out to figure out who is behind the mask.

Although much darker, this show filled the Scream-shaped hole in my TV schedule this year. I’m not sure when the second series is set to air in the UK (the first is currently available to watch on both Netflix and Now TV) but I’m looking forward to catching up on it when I can! I believe it has a summer camp theme which instantly reminds me of Dead Of Summer, another show I enjoyed this year!


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