Little Detours #3

Friday, 29 September 2017

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Back To The Blog | If you've ever taken a break from blogging, big or small, the loop I've been stuck in - wanting to create content, not knowing where to start and ultimately setting the laptop aside for another day - is probably one you know well. It's been a few months now since I last published a post here at A Natural Detour and every time I've tried to get something scheduled I've felt pretty overwhelmed by my (60+) draft posts. October marks seven years since I started blogging so this seemed like a good time to sit down and try again and I thought the best way to get back into this writing thing would be to share another edition of Little Detours... here goes!

TV Talk | Keeping up with tradition, it feels only right to include a little TV talk in this post. I've watched and enjoyed so many new things since LD2 back in April that I'd be here all day trying to share them all, but my latest favourite has to be The Good Place.

Autumn Leaves | It also feels wrong not to talk about Autumn, although I may be a little late to the party! Similarly to every other blogger I'm ready to welcome the colourful leaves of Autumn, soft knitwear, cosy interior updates and all things...

Halloween! | Anyone who has found themselves here thanks to my old blog will probably already know how much I love Halloween related things. I've already made my first Halloween purchases of the year, stumbling upon some fabric that was too good to leave behind and resisting the urge to buy everything that Home Sense had to offer. I'm also on the lookout for something that will top last year's chocolate peanut butter brownies to bake for my friends this Halloween - if you've seen any good recipes let me know!

A New Look | In other news, I'm moving house next week and have been struggling with decor ideas for my bedroom. Whilst I had been planning to paint it the same shade of calming pale grey I've been living with for the past year, it somehow managed to look almost lilac-y on the walls there, so it was back to square one. After a stressful trip to Homebase I came away with a much bolder choice; a tub of Dulux's Denim Drift, a blue-grey shade. I've still got three more walls to paint after the move but naturally I've been enjoying looking at styling ideas on Pinterest.

Shea Butter | My final detour today has been sitting in the draft of this post for quite some time but months later I'm still keen to share it with you. After completely cutting dairy out of my diet around a year ago my eczema has been pretty much non-existent, but before this change I discovered a new favourite product to keep it at bay; unrefined shea butter. Although thankfully I haven't had any big issues with eczema lately I've still been using shea butter regularly for dry patches/general skincare and have seen great results. I like to keep a big tub in my cupboard and decant it into small tins which are handy to keep in your bag or bedside table - definitely a staple to add to your skincare collection!


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