3 Lunch On The Go Ideas! (Gluten-Free/Vegetarian/Vegan)

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Going back to work after a long stint of being at home and able to whip up whatever I liked for lunch means I've been spending some time lately trying to think up different free from lunch ideas that both taste great and travel well. Whether you're headed out to work, school or on a day trip here are three of my favourite lunch ideas...

lunch on the go ideas vegan sushi gluten free

Veggie Quinoa Sushi Rolls (Vegan/Gluten-Free)

A couple of months back I decided to have a go at making my own sushi rolls and was really pleased with the results. For a lunch box alternative to traditional rice sushi I like this leftover-friendly quinoa version packed with protein and raw veggies such as carrots, cucumber and avocado. These taste especially delicious dipped in some gluten-free tamari and would definitely make a nice change from a sandwich!

'Chicken' Avocado Salad Pittas (Gluten-Free-Adaptable, Vegan-Adaptable)

When I finally decided that avocados were bearable to eat (it took a few tries!) this pitta version of a chicken avocado salad quickly became one of my favourite lunches. Simply combine vegan salad cream/mayonnaise, green pesto, gem lettuce and a meat-free chicken substitute with salt & pepper seasoned avocado slices and serve inside free from pittas for a tasty lunch.

chickpea potato salad gluten free

Chickpea & Potato Salad (Vegan/Gluten-Free)

This final idea is definitely my favourite lunch right now and is based on a simple recipe I shared here in February. This chickpea salad tastes great with pasta but as many gluten-free pastas tend not to travel so well I've found that adding new potatoes and some homegrown spinach is a great alternative way to bulk out the salad for a filling lunch portion.


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