30 Recipes In 30 Days - Update #7

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Here they are, the final five recipes of 30 Recipes In 30 Days! If you missed the last post in the series you can catch up here. Don't forget to check back later this week for a post on my final thoughts on the challenge!

vegan rice pudding

Day 26 - Rice Pudding

Ah, rice pudding! Before giving up dairy I had been known to eat many a bowl of rice pudding with Nutella stirred through so I was excited to find this dairy free version over on Fooduzzi. Unfortunately, despite the fact that I had been to the supermarket earlier in the day I didn't really have the right type of rice for the recipe but will definitely be trying it again in future. I topped the bowl of rice with quinoa puffs, walnuts and dark chocolate.

tofoo tikka curry tofu vegan

Day 27 - 'Tofoo' Tikka

On the supermarket trip mentioned above I spotted some Tofoo tofu products and decided to try out the Indian Spiced Tofoo. I'm not generally a huge fan of tofu however the image of a veggie curry on the packaging looked delicious and I was really pleased to find the recipe over on the company's website. I switched up the veggies, using green beans instead of peppers and the final dish had tons of flavour.

eggplant aubergine parmesan vegan gluten free

Day 28 - Vegan Eggplant Parmesan

Another recipe full of flavour was day 28's eggplant - or aubergine - parmesan from Minimalist Baker. This recipe took a little longer to prepare and cook than a lot of the others I've tried out but the breadcrumb mixture tasted incredible. I've already made another recipe using a mixture inspired by it - keep an eye out for a post on this soon!

samosadillas vegan gluten free

Day 29 - Samosadillas

This recipe from Go Dairy Free, a cross between samosas and quesadillas, made it's way into the challenge when I was searching through Pinterest for something to use up leftover gluten free tortillas. These were so easy to make I cooked up a whole batch for Sunday lunch and shared them with my family. They were a big hit and I'm sure I'll be making them again soon!

singapore noodles vegan gluten free

Day 30 - Vegetable Singapore Noodles

The final recipe of the challenge was a quick and easy veggie Singapore noodle dish from Cilantro & Citronella. Again, I switched up the veggies to suit what I had in the fridge and really enjoyed the result - definitely one to try out!


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