30 Recipes In 30 Days - Update #6

Thursday, 26 January 2017

It's time for another 30 Recipes In 30 Days update post! Despite having a cough and cold this week I was not about to give up on my ambitious challenge and managed to muddle my way through four more recipes, mostly with successful results. If you missed my previous 30 Recipes post you can catch up here!

hash brown haystacks vegan gluten free

Day 22 - Hash Brown Haystacks

I really love hash browns but had never attempted to make my own before so I was very excited to find this naturally vegan/gluten-free recipe over on Minimalist Baker. Dana's blog post suggests using your processor's grater attachment to shred the potatoes and I have to say this worked really well and is definitely something I'll be doing again! The hash browns were easy to make and tasted delicious - perfect for a Sunday brunch. Unfortunately I had a little trouble getting them to crisp up, even with some extra cooking time, so when I next make them I may try cooking at a slightly higher temperature.

chickpea cookies plantpure kitchen recipe

Day 23 - Chickpea Cookies

If you caught my latest book review featuring The PlantPure Kitchen you'll already know all about day 23's recipe. These healthy cookies were based on one of the recipes from Kim Campbell's new plant-based cook book and were very easy to make using a blender!

chickpea tuna salad with pasta vegan gluten free lunch

Day 24 - Chickpea 'Tuna' Salad

This tuna salad alternative is something I'd been keen to try for a while and with leftover chickpeas from the previous recipe this was the perfect time! I didn't follow a specific recipe to create the 'tuna' salad, instead taking inspiration from various blogs as well as videos on Instagram. I mashed the chickpeas and combined with spring onions, sweetcorn, lemon juice, garlic granules, salt, black pepper, parsley, chives and vegan salad cream (I'm not a big mayo fan!). This was super easy to make and tasted great mixed in with some brown rice/red lentil pasta and topped with my favourite vegan parmesan. I enjoyed it so much that I had it for lunch again the next day - definitely a winner!

aquafaba chocolate mousse vegan gluten free

Day 25 - Chocolate Mousse

The chickpeas strike again! Of course, having opened a tin of chickpeas for the previous two days recipes I couldn't let the water from the can - or aquafaba - go to waste. Ever since I first heard about aquafaba I've been fascinated by the idea and amazed by the recipes people have created with it so I decided to try out a chocolate mousse recipe from Vanillacrunnch. Unfortunately I ran into a few issues with the texture of the mousse but the flavour was good and I would definitely like to try the recipe again to see if I can correct this - sadly I didn't have another can of chickpeas to do so on the day!

If you'd like to see which recipes I'm hoping to try out next you can find my '30 Recipes In 30 Days' board over on Pinterest and follow me on Instagram for daily updates (@sawyerandscout) where I'll be using the hashtag #30recipesin30daysAND

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