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Monday, 12 December 2016

After taking a very long unplanned break from blogging over at e-elise etc I decided it was time for a big change. Whilst I really enjoyed creating content for e-elise etc over the past six years, I feel that after such a long break it's time to move onto something new; A Natural Detour!

As anyone who has ever launched (or re-launched) a blog will know, starting over with nothing but a bunch of blank pages is pretty daunting. After weeks of drafting and re-drafting, I couldn't overcome the fact that first posts are always awkward, so I've decided it's best to keep this introduction short and sweet.

A Natural Detour is a new chapter for me as a blogger. From DIYs to books and even recipes, I'd like this to be a place to share snippets of everything that interests me. Whether you've arrived here via my old blog or are a new reader I'd love for you to join me on this new blogging journey.

You can find A Natural Detour over on Bloglovin - I hope to see you there!


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