Little Ondine Nail Polish (Non-Toxic Beauty)

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Back when I was blogging at e-elise etc I started a mini series titled Less Toxic Nails which followed my adventures in trying to find the best free-from nail polish. Although I loved to have painted nails I would always get headaches from the polishes/remover and began to think more carefully about the ingredients in the products I was using. In August 2015 I found my dream non-toxic polish brand; Little Ondine.

little ondine non toxic nail polish varnish uk cruelty free
My journey went a little something like this... After hearing about the brand I placed an order for their clear base/top coat named Secret, plus two colours to try out. When they arrived I instantly fell in love with them, so naturally I ordered a couple more colours. In the next order it was four and I'm sure they won't be my last.

I've now been wearing Little Ondine polishes pretty much exclusively for almost a year and a half and I'm still amazed that I managed to find a brand which eliminated all of my issues with traditional polishes. Not only are they non-toxic (made using just natural resin, water and organic colourants), they're also unscented and can be peeled off, eliminating the need for remover. They're easy to apply, dry quickly and wear just as well as other formulas. What's not to love?

Whether you're keen to get away from chemicals and the horrible smell of traditional polishes/removers, or you just appreciate a reasonably priced, quality nail polish I'd recommend trying out Little Ondine.


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